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Welcome to the world of Farm Fresh Forensics!
Writer, rancher, and retired CSI,  Sheridan Rowe Langford invites you to pull up a chair and sit a spell.                          

Step out of the corral and under the crime scene tape!

    CSI meets Green Acres in The Shack!

      Life doesn't get more real than field mice in the morning and lab rats at night. Come and sit a spell with us. Enjoy the Circle of Life! You'll never look at a fly the same way again.

    When a Crime Scene Investigator also takes up ranching, life lies somewhere between the barnyard and the Body Farm, where the murder of a chicken can get a full scale death investigation and you bounce between field mice in the morning and lab rats at night. 
     Farm Fresh Forensics is the true story of a crime scene investigator juggling farm life at home with the bloody work of murder in a major metropolitan city at night.
     With one foot in the trench of tragedy and the other in a corral of comedy Farm Fresh Forensics invites the reader to slip under the crime scene tape and experience the real stories behind the 5 o’clock news. Few places better illustrate the circle of life than a barnyard where a Border Collie is the professor and a goat can earn his degree in the field of Forensics. This is a story of growth. It is the growth of a Crime Scene Investigator, the growth of a rancher, and the dawning of faith, for life is a tapestry and most of the time we’re only looking at the tangle of threads on the back side.

Reader Reviews -

I have been a fan of the Farm Fresh Forensics blog for years. I was looking forward to a great read with her book and it has exceeded my expectations! Great book!  Carolyn G.

A friend sent this to me as a Christmas gift. I was hooked from the 1st couple of pages. Sheridan Rowe Langford is witty, fun, delightful, thought provoking read. She doesn't talk down to us neophytes. I left my copy at my sister's house. She loved it so much she threatened not to give it back.
Give this book a consideration. You won't regret it.  Cheryl Clinton

Just ordered a second copy as a gift, as I will not part with my own copy. I'll never be a CSI, own that many dogs, live on a farm, or chase livestock in the dark. Her writing drew me into the fullness of her adventures. (Without the need for rain gear, barn boots, a shovel to battle a mad rooster, or mountains of wet muddy doggy smelling laundry to do.) Hoping she writes another round of stories about the people and creatures and life on the cattle ranch with assorted other quadrupeds and winged beasties all clustered around the barndominium they share with the livestock that lives under their roof....or in their pens....or fenced areas.......when no one elopes.  Mary N. Peart

This book was AWESOME! From somebody that did the CSU job, I can tell you this is absolutely accurate. This book brought a lot of laughs (a few real-life lol moments), more than a few choked up moments, and a few tears as it brought back memories from my own scenes. If you have a friend or loved one that works as a CSI, this is a must-read... it’ll help explain why we end up having a bit of a different take on life & on death.  Alton Holmes Click to find the Farm Fresh Forensics book!


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