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          Writer, rancher and retired CSI, Sheridan Rowe Langford lives in North Texas where she and her husband raise cattle and sheep as their army of Border Collies plots world domination.

     "With one foot in the crime scene and one foot in the corral, I learned that my worlds were two sides of a coin. I took lessons from one to add to the other. The animals on my farm are more than merely characters in a play, they are teachers along this journey of life. The trenches behind the crime scene tape are a classroom on what's truly important.

     Like every day in the barnyard, every crime scene I walked into had a story, and it's not always the story I expected. Every morning, the moment your feet touch the ground, your story begins. Most of the time you decide whether the tale is a comedy or a tragedy, for the story is simply in the perception. A comedy perceived, is a comedy achieved. In the end, I hope that something I have shared makes you laugh, makes you think, or makes you thankful for the gifts the Good Lord has given you."

"Life was a funny thing that occurred on the way to the grave."
Quentin Crisp


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