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Monday, October 22 2012

Look closely.


Before we go any further, let me point out that this is the same lamb who got so stuck under the wheel well of a truck that we had to jack up the truck to free her.  That said, it wasn't a big surprise to look through the living room window and see a lamb out of the sheep enclosure and into the round pen of hay.  What I didn't realize was that she was stuck again - mentally at least.

This lamb is dumb as a box of rocks. Apparently she had climbed on top of the hay and couldn't figure out how to get down.  When I moved the rest of the sheep into the yard to graze this ewe lamb just bawled and bawled - and no one even bothered to look back as they left her.  Such is the nature of sheep.


This is why the world needs Big White Dogs.  

I give you Exhibit A:   

This creature gets herself into situations and screams her head off, calling every coyote and bobcat in three counties. Without Briar this airhead would be coyote bait.

And since I didn't want to listen to her scream all afternoon, I drove out there and tried to get her down myself.  But alas, no luck. She was not coming down. Apparently being abandoned by the rest of the flock was not enough of an incentive.

And so it was that I drove back to the house and got my secret weapon - who had been watching through the living room window.

It is amazing how persuasive a Border Collie can be in these situations. . .

I wish I had pictures of this lamb 'leapfrogging' across bales of hay to her hasty exit as Lily stalked across the hay. Unfortunately it happened so quickly I couldn't get the camera focused.  (This happens with Border Collies.)

And just like that, quick as a flash, she had the lamb off the hay and into the yard where she joined everyone else who had been ignoring her screams, and Briar . . .

 . . . who keeps idiotic sheep safe from the Boogy Beast!





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Sunday, October 21 2012


Up at 5 am to cut soap into bars - peaceful fragrant work that doesn't smell like animal poop or decomposing bodies. This is most definitely one of my most pleasant chores!

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Saturday, October 20 2012


In the country, when a friend invites you to help her move, it goes without saying that your horse is invited too.  Since we couldn't trail ride today, we just went "fieldtripping."  Joe grazed all day with one of her horses while we packed and hauled.  Somehow even the process of moving isn't so bad when the company is good and you get to bring your pony . . .



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Saturday, October 13 2012


I got home from my Week-Long-Out-Of-Town-Crime-Scene-Class just in time for Other Half to pass the baton to me as he raced out the driveway to work.  I had just dropped "some" of my gear in the house and was out back with the dogs when I hear a giant crash in the side yard.

Yes, true to form, drama follows us - a tree had crashed to the earth, bringing down a power line with it.  Welcome home.

It was now dark. Other Half was gone. I don't know how to work a chain saw, AND the line was still hot.  I had yet to finish unloading the car.  My cell phone was dead. The home phone went dead as I called Other Half. At first I stood in the dark and just whimpered, then I decided that this too, was a blessing. (It's all about how you decide to view things!)

Yes, the tree had come crashing down, bringing down a power line, BUT no one was hurt. The neighbors' fence was intact. It smacked down inches from our water well, but it was fine too. Our dogs normally fence fight with the neighbor's cow dogs in THAT very spot, but everyone was in the back with me when the tree came down. AND wonder of wonders, the electricity was STILL on! Okay, it was flickering a bit, but it was still working. 

Fortunately Other Half had gathered enough from our conversation to call a friend of his who worked at the power company. Within an hour the man was at my front gate, (apologizing for the wait!) Within two hours the line was back up and the power company was cheerfully trimming more trees to avoid a future incident.  Apparently men LIKE playing with chain saws while standing in buckets way above the ground.

By that time my cell phone was back in business, and I had some new friends in the power company.  (God bless Country People!)

This morning I was faced with a daunting clean-up task.  The downed tree was covered in poison ivy.  


No problem!  I've got great Hired Help!


   5 hours later! 

By tomorrow all the poison ivy should be gone and all that's left will be to hook up the pieces to the jeep and drag them into the pasture.  Welcome home . . .



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Friday, October 05 2012



     From time to time I run across people that restore my faith in humanity. Such was the case this weekend. Other Half and I were driving home from the north ranch when we discovered there were no running lights on the horse trailer, and the sun was going down. Although we hustled to a trailer company along our route, we arrived just in time to see them closing up and driving out of the parking lot. Never one to take "no" at face value, Other Half pulled into the lot anyway. Wonder of wonders, they stopped. They came back. 

They peeked at the trailer and then called their electrician BACK IN from home!  And while I stood in the parking lot with four dogs on leashes (not a real picnic there!) they fixed the lights on the trailer so we could get back on the road. Then the most remarkable thing happened . . .

. . .  They refused payment.  This company had remained opened, called someone in after hours, and yet, they still refused to accept payment for a simple fix.

Wow. They have just earned themselves lifetime customers. Stephenville Trailers, in Stephenville, TX, sells horse trailers, truck beds, Ranch Hand bumpers, and all manner of stuff for the rancher. If you live in Texas any where near that area, and are looking for an honest vender, I heartily recommend these people.

Stephenville Trailers is located in the heart of Horse Country. Until that evening we had never been customers of Stephenville Trailers. We'd just passed them on the highway. Through their integrity and work ethics, they have now earned all our business. If you're anywhere close to Stephenville, try 'em. If you own your own business, take note. That extra thirty minutes after closing time 'could' be the most important advertising you do!

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Thursday, October 04 2012


The beauty of our new ranch is that every day there is a new adventure, ripe with new discoveries.  This weekend Dillon found  a most "wonderful round thing" while on a walk. He was immediately the envy of everyone else.  When I first saw this "thing" I thought Dillon had found an oversized tennis ball. This intrigued me because the ranch is remote and not the place one would expect to find a dog toy just hanging around.


Here Ranger checks out the curious thing.

Dillon brought it home and everyone played with "the thing" to the point where I had to hide it so it was relatively intact when I had local friends identify this curiosity.

My friend, Kim, identified the oddity as a "bois d'art" or "horse-apple" and we drove off on the 4wheeler to find the tree. Then I came home to google the thing. I found lots of interesting stuff about it, but the most interesting (to ME!) was its use as an insect repellant similar to DEET.  Really? Hmmm . . . I wish I had brought home this wonderful round thing so I could test this theory. You can bet your Grandma's best cast-iron skillet that I'll be putting one of these curious round things under the bed the next time I go to the ranch!

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Wednesday, October 03 2012

We took the boys to the north ranch this weekend - in the rain.

Palo Pinto Painted Pony in the rain

 One of us was a happy camper.

One of us was not . . .

 "Can we go home now?"

Poor Musket was on his first camping trip and he was not happy. I woke up the first morning to find him standing beside the gate, begging me to come get him. 

He was covered in biting black flies, soaking wet, and had cactus thorns in his nose.  He was pitiful. I woke up Other Half, and we pulled the cactus out of his nose, put on some fly spray, and put oats in his belly.


 His day was looking up.

 They discovered the pecan trees gave nice shelter, and on Day 3 the sun came out.

On that day, I woke up early and saddled Joe. Other Half was still asleep, so I took a walkie talkie and tossed another one in bed with him. Then I climbed on Joe and off we went down the trail.

He was pretty scared at first. The forest has eyes out there and Joe knew it. He stalled out a few times, certain he would be cougar bait if he kept going. I kept humming a little tune and eventually he would sigh and head a little further through the woods. On the way back I noted that in the places were he stalled out there were hog and deer tracks in the road that had not been there before. Joe was being watched.

Our return trip was much faster but uneventful. I was elated. We DID it!

Other Half was less than enthusiastic about our trip.  Apparently I had forgotten to turn on my walkie talkie.  (Ma bad!) I had ridden off to parts unknown on an unfamiliar horse without a gun and without turning on my radio.  (not my finest hour)

Nevertheless, I was still elated. I had trusted Joe, and he had trusted me. (or got tired of my singing and just gave up)  So for a little while, I had forgotten all the ugliness and violence in this world. I was just a little girl on a pony.  And it felt good.

 Painted Pony & Prickly Pears


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