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Tuesday, February 05 2013


Yesterday we had to move cows again. Since I didn't get to ride my horse on Sunday, I really wanted to use the horses to move cows, thus killing two birds with one stone. So I load up two horses in one trailer and Other Half loads up one Border Collie in the cattle trailer and down the road we go.

We end up short one rider, and thus have to table the cowpony idea. But although we are short a rider, we are not short a cowhand.

The plan is to back the trailer up to the gate. Build a small working pen out of cattle panels. Lure or push cattle into the pen (with horses or dog or cattle cubes) Close pen shut. Push cattle from pen into trailer. Slam trailer doors. Roll off down the highway.

Fortunately the cows come up. In fact, the dog has to chase them back while we build the pen. The thing about a cow is if you tell her that she ISN'T allowed in an area, just as soon as she can, she will ENTER that area. Thus, once the pen was built, we simply back off, toss some cubes down, and let cow nature take over.

Once the gate is closed, that's when the dog's job is so important. The cattle soon understand they have been duped and will begin to push on the panels to escape. The dog MUST convince the cattle that it is a BAD idea to push against the fencing.

Cowboy knows his job.

  On patrol


From time to time, Cowboy attempts this horribly dangerous move whereby he slides under the panel and into the crowded pen with cattle that WOULD cheerfully kick or crush him to death.

I do not encourage this behavior. I happen to be snapping pictures outside the panels when Cowboy slips under the bars, and nails a cow. What comes next is straight out of the movie The Matrix. A foot snakes out in response, and Cowboy arches in the air in a pure Matrix-like ninja move. Then he lands on his butt.   Sadly the camera does not capture the Matrix bend. Bummer.


Before the cows can turn on him, he slips out of the pen like a wisp of smoke.

Leaving an enraged Paisley

The cows are now convinced that Ninja Dog will get them if they get too close to the panels. Their only option is to climb in the trailer.  Which they do with enough encouragement. Ninja Dog follows the closing door just to make sure.

Another job well done, Cowboy!

Dude! You've got cow poop on your face. . .


PS: Peter, thank you for your sweet comments. I tried to send a private reply but you didn't include your email address.

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