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Friday, March 08 2013


The Kids brought the Grandkids by the farm today (to pick up tractor implements) on their way to The Rodeo held in The Big City.  The Kids live on one side of The Big City and we live on the other side of The Big City.  I get such a kick watching the little ones enjoy the farm.

These have never been city kids. They are raising chickens themselves and have been around livestock since birth, but they don't have "Neigh-Neighs" at the house. So any trip over here involves feeding, petting, and riding horses.

This little cowboy is gonna be a heartbreaker some day.

He has graduated from riding the mini-horses to riding Joe and Scout.

 Unlike his sister,

                                                                      he's a bit too daring.

His dad has to keep a firm hand on the little rodeo rider.

And all was well and good until his parents announced that it was time to get down and go to The Rodeo.

  I believe this face sums it up.

After all, why pay and stand in line at The Rodeo Petting Zoo when he had his own petting zoo at Grandpa's house? Complete with full-size Neigh-Neighs!

But he was a big boy about it and climbed down. Then his dad reminded him of the most important part of the ride . . .

 . . . thanking Joe.

  There is something magical between a child and a horse.

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