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Saturday, April 13 2013

The week has finally come to an end and I have a moment to breathe. The sun is shining and the temperatures are pleasant. Thus far, the sheep seem fine. Ma appears no worse for wear.

 Her tail is shorter, but she's eating well and seems to have recovered much better than me.  I now live in fear that Oli will be successful in her re-doubled efforts to get to the sheep. Any time she is loose in the yard, Briar and I stand beside the field fencing to make sure she doesn't attempt to get through. Clever little predator that she is, Oli makes regular reconnaissance passes to see if we are still on guard. Because of this she is spending more time in the house or behind bars.

Today is the first day I've let them back in the yard to graze. Everyone seemed okay until a low rumbling truck passed by. Ma visibly startled. Briar ambled over to check on her,


and then settled down in the sun, watching - while Oli ran circles in her kennel.  


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