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Wednesday, June 12 2013

I knew what it was the moment I saw she'd called. Tears welled up in my eyes. I listened to the message and took a moment to cry before I returned the call. Our beloved Zena passed away this morning. I'm sorry that she's gone, but I'm glad that she found a home where she could have one true person that was her own. I'm glad that she found someone who needed her. I'm glad she was able to live out her final years sleeping on the couch and watching soap operas.  I'm glad that she touched all our lives  . . .



In the classic country song, Tom T. Hall sang the praises of "Old Dogs, Children, & Watermelon Wine." There's something about old dogs and old people that tugs at my heartstrings too. Some time ago a friend of mine asked about finding a German Shepherd as a companion for her elderly mother. In one year her mom had lost her husband, her daughter, and her dog. (that alone, makes tears spring to my eyes) We immediately thought of Zena.

We love Zena, and she's happy in our home, but she deserves more. As much as I love my animals, I'm not so arrogant as to believe that we are always the best home for each animal. Such is the case with Zena. She is enjoying retirement, but she doesn't get her share of attention because she is one of eight dogs, and she is the well-behaved one. Thus, she ends up getting shuffled to the back.

So I spoke to my friend and she said Zena would be perfect for her mom. Unfortunately her mother got very sick before she was able to meet Zena. After a long illness, she finally was able to meet her new dog today . . . and it brought tears to my eyes. (This is why I would suck at Therapy Dog work. I would cry in every hospital room.) There is something magical in the touch of a dog. When she ran her twisted arthritic fingers through Zena's hair and said, "I dreamed of you when I was sick," I almost bawled.

Zena is always welcome back into our home, but it's obvious that this woman needs Zena, and Zena needs to be needed. So we're gonna give this a try and see how it works out. Something tells me that this pair will be just fine.

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