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Sunday, December 29 2013


The babies arrived yesterday afternoon! A doe and a buck.

(Okay, this is not news to those of you who follow us on Facebook, but most of our readers aren't on Facebook, so it's news to them!)

 Baby buck - most pictures are of him eating. He's a Baby Gut.

 Baby Gut

 Baby Doe - most pictures of her are walking toward the camera. She is quite a friendly little thing and by this morning was already trying to engage me in play.

 I'm most interested to see what color she will eventually become as she has these little gray dots on a brown background.

Okay, People!  Help me name them!  I was thinking about calling him Camo and calling her Truffle but I'm open to suggestions.  If she has the temperament of her mother, she'll be staying with us. He'll become a wether and he may stay with us as her playmate or he may later be sold as a pet goat. We'll see. If he is as sweet as the little wether destined to go to the Houston Zoo, I may keep him. Although not as pushy as his sister, he is quite friendly.   :)

And last night I FINALLY got a full night's sleep! Now today my mission is to get some good photographs. Cell phone cameras have a hard time keeping up with baby goats.

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