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Tuesday, June 03 2014

On my way to town there is a magical little side street that loops off the main road. It adds just a few minutes to my journey, but it's time well spent. Since Other Half was a little boy, there have been peacocks on this street. That's fifty years of peacocks! Bunches and bunches of peacocks! I counted eight one day sitting on the neighbor's fence and pickup truck! Although I'm sure the neighbor wasn't thrilled, I was beyond captivated!

I drive past there every time I go to town now, and like a silly tourist, I hang out the window with my cell phone, eagerly snapping "the peacock picture of the day!"  One day I found myself blocking traffic and pulled aside only to discover that the woman behind me was doing the exact same thing. I cannot help but wonder how many people pull over from their busy lives, for just a moment, to gaze upon these stunning creatures.

Yes, I know they're loud. I know they roost in all the wrong places. And yet . . .

There is something I find magical about these living jewels. While I've never been big on buying jewelry, I've got to get some of these birds!  (Not now, of course, after I retire and have more Livestock Guardian Dogs.)

For now I will content myself with watching them walk in the dappled sunlight, rays playing off their colors, dazzling my delighted eyes. No matter what else is going on, the day is just a little brighter if you take a moment to drive past the peacocks. We should never be so busy that we fail to slow down and enjoy the sight.

They are a little smile from God.

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The boy up the rd. used to have them and they liked to visit along with white turkyes and their young Maremma minder. My LGD would hear them coming and come and get me to open gate to paddock. They stayed till owner came and got them at end of day.
Posted by Liz (Vic Aust) on 06/03/2014 - 07:49 PM

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