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Monday, June 09 2014

We're slowly getting a handle on operating the Day Care Center. Like everything else on a farm, it's all about routine. Get in a routine and don't change it! Seriously. I'm not kidding. A farm is like a classroom of 8 year old kids. Get in a routine and do not change! Preschoolers don't handle change well.

Personalities are emerging now.

We have the elegant 'teenagers' Feather and Sparrow, who are the leaders of this rowdy group.

 Jethro, our little buckling, affectionate, but unless his tummy is empty, is more reserved than the others. He does love to untie shoe laces.

Brothers Tony and Tim are destined to be wethers (today) and will be full time companions for Jethro. These little guys are much younger than everyone else but hold their own quite well.

  Timmy- willing to eat anything once

  Tony - King of the World

 The always affectionate Rosa Linda.

Stunt Driver Lacey - part imp, part mountain goat


 Lacey & Rosa Linda

They are spending more and more of their time in the front yard. The plan is to allow them free rein of the yard so they can help the sheep with lawn duties. What happens? Very little lawn work is done. Baby goats end up sprawled out on the front porch like house cats. If they so much as hear you approach the front door, the spring up and begin to scream through the screen door.

  "You come out now?"

And each evening the Kindergarteners make the long walk back to their pen,

where they spend the night under the watchful eye of their Big White Dawg.

 "And people wonder why I sleep all day."

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