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Wednesday, June 11 2014

Briar cleans up well.  Here she is right after a bath and a brushing:


The baby goats do not appreciate their Livestock Guardian Dog. Perhaps they have their reasons.

I say, "Come out and be nice to your Big White Dawg."

To which they reply, "But..... but ...."

  "It's dirtyyyyy..."

And they do have a point. It doesn't take Briar long to get dirty. This is what they see:


....a large, wet, hulking creature with twigs and hay stuck in its coat that eats sheep's wool.

And unlike me, the goats are not smitten with her Hollywood smile.

   "Being clean is overrated."

And lest you think that I would leave you with images of a large, wet, dirty dog on your computer screen, I leave you instead with images of my lavender which looks like this, until I kill it, or give up and race it to the plant doctor (i.e. Doctor Mom who ends up with ALL my plants that are in danger of death from either goats or my black thumb.) 

 While I would very much like to take credit for growing this beautiful being, I cannot. I bought it already in bloom. My goal is to see how long I can keep it alive, dry the blooms, and photograph it until I simply cannot take any more pictures of lavender! And then rush it to my mom's before it's too late for her to save it.

This plant feeds my dream of some day, SOME DAY, being able to grow rows and rows of lavender at the ranch in North Texas. But alas, that dream will have to wait until I am available full time to care for baby plants. I do much better with baby goats and things that can walk to water. Just sayin'.

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