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Friday, August 08 2014

   We have a fig tree in the back yard. I pay little or no attention to this tree except when Other Half goes bat-shit crazy because the goats or sheep have been pruning the leaves and breaking limbs in their attempt to prune the leaves. Frankly, I think they've done the tree a favor. Five years ago, it was little more than a sprawling woody bush with branches going everywhere. Now that sucker has learned to grow up, Up, UP! It is now a tree. (You're welcome. Ruminant Tree-trimming Services available everywhere for a small fee!)

Anyway, not only is it becoming a nice tree, but it's bearing fruit.

 Unfortunately we didn't notice it had fruit until other members of the family brought it to our attention. Other Half looked out the living room window, saw this, and stroked.

  Really? He should have learned by now. And he should be happy that I'm not charging him for tree-trimming services on his fig and pecan trees. Just sayin'.

But this time he accused them of not only eating leaves, but eating FIGS! He called them: FIG THIEVES!

I call them budding scientists. They have discovered Isaac Newton's theory of gravity. In 1687 Isaac Newton saw an apple fall from a tree and began wondering if the same force at work on the apple also affected the moon. This led to questions about why the apple fell to Earth but not the moon.  He puzzled on this a while and came up with a theory.

"Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle with a force that is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the particles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them."

Did you get that? No? Let me put this way:


"If you shake the tree, a fig will fall down."

Yes, our young physicists have discovered that if they shake the tree, rotten figs will fall to the ground, thus providing fig newtons for everyone!

I love this shot of Sparrow with her foot on that branch shaking it like a palm tree in a hurricane!

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My figs are removed by parrots and possums [native marsupial] I get a few [only human consumer]. mine is a black one that started life by the pond 30 years ago and has layerd it's self across the bottom garden.
Posted by Liz (Vic Aust) on 08/09/2014 - 05:52 PM
Clever girls!
Posted by clairesmum on 08/10/2014 - 06:55 AM

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