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Thursday, December 04 2014

This morning the view of the fog-covered farm from the window had me grabbing the camera and rushing out to catch the moment. The problem was that I only planned to go take a few pictures, not do all the chores.  This didn't sit well with the citizens.

 Well, that's not exatly true. Briar was okay with it because she raced into the barn to steal what was left of the barn cats' bunny.

 As soon as they heard the chain on the gate, little people started wandering up from the pasture.

 "Hold up! She's got a camera, she's not feeding yet."


 "Nnnot even Nicker Makers?"

 "Bbbut I walked so far that I might pass out without some breakfast."

 "Duped! Ladies, we've been duped!"

 "She's really not feeding?"


 "No, wait, people. No worries, folks. Here's some cat poop!"

 "Clearly they need to lower their standards. There's plenty to eat out here."

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