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Wednesday, June 24 2015

For those readers who have been with us long enough to remember goat kids, Raisin Bran & Bailey, who went on to careers in the Houston Children's Zoo, here is an update for you!

Raisin Bran (brown male) and Bailey (white female) are Nubian/Boer crosses that were born here from my nubian doe, Crimson, and my Boer buck, Oscar.

The Houston Zoo was doing a new petting zoo exhibit and approached me about possible candidates. I immediately thought of Raisin Bran because he was such a friendly little guy. His sister, Bailey, was more standoffish, but nothing that more frequent handling wouldn't solve. They were weanlings when they left here and now they're all grown up and featured in this month's children's zoo blog.

Check it out here. Not only do they have baby pictures from my blog, but they have current pictures of what our little babies look like now. Clearly Bailey got over her shyness and Raisin Bran's outgoing personality shines. The zoo has been the perfect home for them.

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