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Tuesday, September 22 2015

Those of you who predicted I went back to the southern part of the state for a murder trial were correct. I returned home this afternoon and brought my riding horses, Montoya and Joe, back with me. They had been staying with my mother until we could get them moved up here and I've missed them terribly. Even though neither is trained for cow work, I still hate being surrounded by all this wild beauty and not having my riding horses. I left my little pony with my mother because he is small and cannot safely run with the big horses among cougars and coyotes.

I have had this horse since he was a weanling, knee high to a grasshopper. Montoya is a rascal, but he is my baby.

Little Joe is Mr Reliable, my Steady Eddie horse. Since he has been here many times already, Joe had little interest in exploring. He found the hay and got to business.

Montoya very quickly found Tiny and being the sociable sort, he ambled over to introduce himself.

 That's when I realized he was almost as big as Tiny and remembered why I bought Little Joe. The older I get, the shorter and calmer I like my horses.

Eventually everyone galloped off, leaving poor Tiny alone in his turn-out pen. Tiny was not amused. Other Half sat with him for a while. Since Tiny hasn't been domesticated all that long, we have no intentions of turning a mustang loose with barbed wire and access to thousands of acres if he ran through it. It's gonna be a while before Mr. Tiny runs with the herd. We are keeping them in a pen where he can always see them though.

 We assured Tiny that when the 'other kids' were ready for some shade and some hay, they'll come back. And in the mean time, he can stare wistfully, but safely, toward the mountain.

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