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Tuesday, March 07 2017

On every farm there are some animals that are different from the others, animals that just don't quite fit in. And the more soft-hearted the farmer, the more animals like this he or she has tucked away, animals that could live on the Island Of Misfit Toys.

There is nothing wrong with them. These animals are just different. Special.

If you recall, last spring we bought Liam, a young bottle-baby Pygora goat.

Shortly before we picked him up, some friends found a tiny white goat about Liam's age, wandering on a game ranch, living with Axis deer.

They scooped the little girl up, fed her a bottle, and brought her to us where she lived with Liam. For the longest time, Natty and Liam were inseparable.

And then something happened.

Natty grew up.

And she outgrew Liam. Natty developed a fondness for Older Men - Dangerous Men.

When Natty started coming into season, she made it her mission in life to get to these adult bucks. This was a problem because Natty was still tiny and would try to crawl under fences to get to the big bucks. The Nubian bucks are so large that if Natty were accidentally bred, she could never deliver the babies.

Natty had attached herself to a Nubian wether, Tim, who was happy to bask in the glow of Natty's crush.

Soon Natty, Tim, and Liam were a trio. Still, Natty wanted a real man. The reality of life on a farm is that if you can picture "worse case scenario," you'd better plan accordingly, because it's coming down the pipes. With that in mind, I started to consider re-homing Natty.

Dear Friend Claire, was happy to provide a safe haven for A Promiscuous Teenaged Girl and her Current Crush, but that left Liam. I didn't want to lose Liam. The whole point of having Liam was his fleece. On the other hand, Liam was attached to Natty and Claire promised to give me his fleece when she sheared her sheep, so I agreed to let the Three Musketeers stay together.

But I had to shear Liam before he left!

 Twenty minutes later he was bald and ready for travel. Like a Marine at bootcamp!

When she arrived to pick them up, Claire fell in love with Jerri Springer, the little black "Who's ya daddy?" lamb. Since she wasn't part of my breeding program, and it would be next spring before another lamb crop went to auction, I happily agreed to let Jerry Springer go with Claire too. AND . . . since Claire said she wanted anything not in my breeding program, I showed her Ewok, the half churro/half Southdown wether.

"Load him too!"

Claire and I were both pretty happy. She was getting some tame pets, I was getting a great home for animals I didn't want butchered, and Other Half was tickled because that was five more off the feed bill. Claire's poor husband did seem a bit green however. As she and I were happily negotiating who was headed south in the trailer, he looked like he'd been hit by a truck. I think he thought he was coming for one, maybe two, goats. I recognized that look because I've seen it on my husband many times.

Claire has a donkey and a llama, so my little citizens from the Island of Misfit Toys should be safe with Claire. I'll miss them, but they're better off with her. Natty is safe. Liam gets to stay with Natty. Tim gets to keep his girlfriend and can finally be Big Man On Campus, Jerry Springer won't make her date with the butcher next spring, and Ewok can be in a pet home where he won't have to fight as hard for attention and cookies.

I will still get to have Liam's fleece, and he will still get to stay with his beloved Natty.

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I love a happy ending!
Posted by cindy on 03/07/2017 - 02:16 PM
I can't tell you how much I look forward to your blog posts. You have such a way with words. I agree with Cindy, a happy ending for all! :) Deb
Posted by Deb on 03/08/2017 - 07:33 AM
Did not know you had this blog and certainly didn't know you were a writer and a photographer! You are both - and super good. Loved the story and can't wait to read more.
Posted by Judy Craft on 03/08/2017 - 05:23 PM
Me too.[Happy endings] I used to collect other peoples" left overs. The last 2 Boer girls are roaming the paddock getting out for the occasional wander. I referred to them as my lawn ornaments. There have been 2 Alpaca, 3 donkeys, 4 horses, 8 coloured boy sheep, 1 white girl, at least a dozen goats over time and to watch over them 4 Pyrs and 6 Maremma [never less than 4 dogs] and 4 cats,2 rabbits, 11 geese, chooks, muscovy ducks and 4 quail. Each had it's own learning curve and most of them made it to very old age. Right now the resident flock of Sulphur crested cockatoos have just come in for their morning feed in the paddocks. Beautiful warm autumn...
Posted by Liz [Vic. Aust] on 03/08/2017 - 05:27 PM
Wow! That all worked out well.
Posted by Patty on 03/08/2017 - 08:47 PM
I just live your stories, and your life!
Posted by Joyce Gigout on 03/11/2017 - 05:07 PM

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