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Saturday, February 24 2018

For most of the state of Texas, the only blizzard we ever experience is the one served at Dairy Queen. I'm totally okay with that. We did have a little bit of snow this week. Not much. Just enough to remind me that I don't need to live in Wyoming as I have absolutely no cold weather skills whatsoever. All week we've had some combination of rain, sleet, and snow. And yet, here we are back in the 70's today. Just a typical week in Texas.

The sun made an appearance today and was welcomed like a newborn baby. This is the first time it's popped out since Tuesday so the animals are on the move. Judge has finally crawled out of the barn and onto the picnic table to soak up some rays. He spent much of the week hating his job. It sucks to work outside in cold, wet weather. Been there, done that myself.  The sheep don't really care for him being in the stalls either. He takes up a lot of room and tends to be grumpy. Judge missed the kindergarten lessons on sharing. For that reason I had pity on him and let him out of the sheep pens and into the barn. Sometimes the living room but mostly the barn aisle. (Remember that we live in the barn.)

The snow has melted now and the rain quit so all the dogs are back outside. The sheep are in the pasture and the chickens are already on walkabout. Fortunately Judge is back on duty. After the weather we've had this week, the Boogey Beast is sure to be hungry. I was reminded of that when I looked out the kitchen window and saw Judge making ugly faces at the buzzards flying over the barnyard.

As far as Judge is concerned the vultures are Sky Coons - varmits which must be watched carefully. Not only does he monitor the pastures and the forest surrounding the open pasture for walking Boogey Beasts, but he patrols the air space surrounding the barnyard. Sky Coons must not be allowed to land.

Just in case there is any doubt about how he feels towards Sky Coons, check out this look. It kinda sums up his week.

"Die, Sky Coon. Die."

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What is going on with Jury?
Posted by Elissa on 02/25/2018 - 06:47 PM
A couple of folks have asked about Jury. I'll do an update on Jury today.
Posted by forensicfarmgirl on 02/26/2018 - 10:45 AM

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