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Sunday, December 13 2009

Today we wormed and tagged some goats. It was Border Collie's first time to handle Evil Goat, a particularly nasty girl who has been known to attack even The Enforcer. She often carries a tuff of goat hair on the end of her horns because she will not hesitate to hook the other goats either.

Evil Goat

(Look closely . . . she has a tuff of hair on her left horn!)

Because Border Collie is a baby, she has been used only on weanling goats . . . until today.

"Bring 'em in, Pup!"

                 "Hold "em here, Pup!"                                                                        

Sure enough, Evil Goat just had to cause trouble.

I held my breath. Those horns are sharp. That head is hard.

Border Collie said, "You want a piece of me?" 


After a short "Come to Jesus" meeting and one torn ear, Border Collie established herself as She Who Must Be Obeyed and order resumed.

Note the two weanling goats who already KNOW that Border Collie must be obeyed. She ignores them while she watches Evil Goat to make sure nasty Evil Goat behaves. Very wise. I have seen Evil Goat knock The Enforcer on his butt when he took his eyes off her.

She handled herself like a pro. She is almost ready for billy goats . . .


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