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Saturday, December 19 2009

It is shortly after 9 AM already.  I have killed two of my animals.

Border Collie crawls in bed at 7 AM to announce that the sun is up and we have chores to do. Check the lamb. She doesn't look good. Took a turn for the worse overnight. Concensus seems to be a back injury but without very expensive tests we can't be sure. Although I am tempted to whisk her to the veterinary university, I know better. The farm cannot afford it and I have other animals to consider.

Make the unhappy decision to put her down. Go to feed the rest of the animals. While feeding the mule I hear all hell breaking loose in the back yard. Blue Heeler has a chicken. Somehow one of my own hens managed to get out of the chicken pen, cross a pasture, and climb into my back yard. Big mistake. I descend upon Blue Heeler in a rage. (He has the good sense not to suggest Anger Management Classes this time.) The chicken is not dead. I must wring her neck. This sounds easier than it is. Amazingly, chickens are hardier than they appear. It is ugly work that must be repeated several times. After it is over, I take a moment for myself and cry. Then I go get the rifle to shoot the lamb.



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