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Tuesday, December 22 2009

Warning! Warning!  The contents of this blog may be disturbing to some readers! Do not proceed further unless you are of stout heart!

. . . .


       . . . .


             . . . .


There is someone on the farm who oversees all activities with a critical eye. Meet The Supervisor!

If there is hard farm work to be done, The Supervisor WILL be there! (Here is The Supervisor's first taste of chocolate!) Ah HAH!  Someone has been holdin' out on her!


Since she is short, sometimes she must oversee Her Workers (that's us!) from atop her pony.



NOTE: The Supervisor does NOT like being taken off her pony!

The Supervisor went with us on the long trek to get cow feed yesterday. She scrutinized the loading of the truck. Afterwards she shouted encouragement and commands as her minions worked the goats that evening.


Then she announced that since meat goats and meat cows don't do HER a lot of good, she WANTS a DAIRY goat! I wonder how long it'll be before we get a couple of milking goats . . . .



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