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Sunday, January 10 2010

An old friend visited my farm this week. She raises sheep too. We talked at great length about what actually holds a farm together. This is what we came up with:


For those of you without farms, haystring is the string that holds a bale of hay together. Like duct tape, haystring makes the world go round. And on a farm, haystring makes the fences go round!

  And the bird pens . . .

  It ain't pretty, but it works!

In addition to haystring, we also use . . . .


                and . . .


I'm a big fan of wire!  If a board falls down and it can't be nailed back up, TIE that sucker back up!!!  (and the wire doesn't stand out the way the haystring does!)

  Not too bad, huh?

It made me feel a lot better to know that her farm was tacked together with haystring and baling wire too! That kinda goes back to the whole Romance vs Reality theme. Romance is a sunrise over a board fence. Reality is a fence held together with baling wire. 

And now for an update on Baby Hulk:

He is continuing to thrive and is quite the chunky monkey. We like the way he is developing and are giving serious thought to keeping him as a breeding ram.

In addition to putting his "best foot forward" as he interviews for the role of flock ram, Hulk has now turned to Higher Source:

   A little prayer never hurts!


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Like Lyle Lovett says - Old Black's my truck's name, she's held together by bf goodtire and baling wire..
Posted by Sue on 01/12/2010 - 12:21 PM

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