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Saturday, February 06 2010

  Look at our Sweet Tater Gator!  Girl Power!

This is what Other Half and New Police Dog are doing this month.  Our little Sweet Potato is having so much fun! She makes a convincing argument that a police dog doesn't have to be massive.  Since "Force = Mass x Acceleration" it stands to reason that a little dog running faster than a speeding bullet can hit just as hard as a slower moving, but larger dog.

  I LOVE this little dog! 

But it is very cold up there and I keep telling Other Half that we need to buy her a little sweater to keep her warm.  Perhaps something in pink?

Update on The Enforcer - the vet is coming to our house to give him IV fluid treatments to flush his kidneys.  He hates the treatments, but likes the boiled chicken he gets as payment for his trouble. His appetite is good. His eyes are bright.

Update on the New Calf - So far, so good.  I'll post pictures later.

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