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Wednesday, February 10 2010

The Blue Heeler is the quintessential Texas Farm Dog.  No ranch in the Lone Star State is complete without one.  Our Blue Heeler is an excellent ranch dog.  Not only does he work cows, he is a good guard dog.

  Unless this is your dog, you don't really want to see this running at you.


But he has so many other uses:

   Holding down the ottoman.

  Border Collie Aerobics Partner

  Supervisor of coffee and do-nut breaks

His most unusual job has been instructor of the English as a Second Language Class for New Police Dog.  You will recall that she came to us speaking only Czech.  She needed some tutorials in English.  Blue Heeler proved to be the perfect ESL instructor.

  "Welcome to English as a Second Language Class!"

   The teacher tells the class to "stay" and walks off.

  "Hey!  Whut did she say????"

  "Shsshh!  Just do what I do!"

 "Yeah!  Yeah!  I can DO that!"


"See, English is easy.  Now we've gotta work on getting you a Texas accent!"

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love the new police dog!
Posted by cindy on 02/11/2010 - 07:14 PM
She is such a goofy little dog; you can't help but love her! At the moment she is freezing her skinny little butt off in the snow at K9 Training. With record snows up there, I'm getting ready to mail her a little pink sweater and some snow boots!
Posted by forensicfarmgirl on 02/12/2010 - 04:20 PM

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