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Saturday, February 20 2010

  We never actually "wanted" a mule.  Ruth was like an unplanned pregnancy. "Ooops!  Now we have a mule." As mules go, she's a beautiful creature. The camera just LOVES her, and I really enjoy taking pictures of Ruth.  Like a Sports Illustrated bathing suit model, Ruth is ever so patient about posing when I thrust a camera in her face.

But as much as I love taking pictures of my mule, it's not fair to keep her.  She is too nice a mule to be a yard ornament. The recent rains flooded her stall, leaving her an island in the back to stand on when she eats. I cannot put her in with the geldings.  They don't like Long Ears.  I obviously cannot put her in with the stallion.  I moved her companions, the two miniature horses, in with the goats, but Ruth is just too big to be with heavily pregnant goats. I don't want to throw her out with the cattle. So poor Ruth is alone. Although parts of her pasture are nice and dry, when the brutal north wind returns, bringing with it a cold rain, Ruth is left to trudge through mud to come stand on her island.  That's not how a Sports Illustrated Supermodel should live.  Therefore, Ruthie is going to a new home with a mule person who has promised a dry stall and lots of TLC. 

Her new home also comes with a new friend - another mule!  Ruth will finally have another Longears to hang out with.  The horses around here have always been a bit racist and never truly accepted Ruth and all her Long Ear splendor.  (their loss, not hers!)

I think she'll be a lot happier.  The horse trailer just pulled out of the driveway, and Ruth begins a new adventure.

So here's to Ruth.  Go with God, Little Friend!



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