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Friday, February 26 2010


After burying Barn Cat yesterday, it became painfully apparent that my day could only get better. Maybe. I was out of Nyquil. (And the sheep!  The sheep!  The sheep won't shut up! How can I ever get any rest if the damned sheep won't quit calling me.  I vow, and this is a promise - when I am feeling better, every time I pop my head out the back door and they start screaming to be fed, I'm going to take Border Collie out there and work them. Every single time! They just THINK they want my attention!  Well Ladies!  You are about to GET IT!)  Pardon the ravings of Flu Lunatic.

Despite the fact that I'd rather be beaten than go to the grocery store, I was forced to "cowboy-up" and go forth in search of Nyquil.  My stomach announced that it would ONLY be happy if it got a bowl of la'Madeleine's Tomato basil soupe . . . and some sourdough bread.  Since my grocery store had both Nyquil and soup, I let my stomach drive.

I would have been better off letting the Border Collie drive.

Get in car. Go back to house for car keys. Get back in car. Start engine. Decide it is too hot for Border Collie to come so she must stay home. Go back inside for purse. Leave disappointed Border Collie (who is vainly trying Jedi Master Mind Control Tricks on Helpless Flu Patient) Putt-putt down road towards grocery store.  Notice a bird on a fence. What a lovely bird on a fence. Is it Spring yet? AAACKKK!!!  Run off road while staring at bird. Am momentarily scared into sobriety. Grip steering wheel with both hands and forget about Spring. It's warm.  It's really, really warm.   Is it really this warm or is that the fever? Wonder if I still have a fever. Since I don't have a thermometer that hasn't been in a dog's butt, I'll have to continue to wonder about that one. Look in rear-view mirror and note the growing line of cars that is stuck behind me as I have been putt-putting down two-lane road.  They are not happy.  Speed up to something resembling the speed limit.

Finally reach grocery store. Do you know what would be a really good idea?  A drive-through grocery store!!! My mind races at turtle speed as it explores this concept. I find myself staring at a bundle of flowers. Too long. Uh Oh! I am holding up foot traffic. And that's when I saw them.  I was mesmerized. 

Like a baby staring at a mobile, I stare at the glasses.

I was in love. These had to come home with me!  A day like this deserved a set of pretty new glasses.  That's Woman Logic! If your cat dies you can pretty much buy anything you want the rest of the day. They were perfect.  They were plastic. They were cheap.  They made my heart smile.  (and after a dead cat, that's a pretty tall order!)

And right beside the glasses I see this!

A plastic pitcher! It doesn't match the cups, but it's pretty. It hops into the cart too. My cat died and I am sick!

And that's why I spent $129 at the grocery store and still forgot the cough drops!

Update on Border Collie's driver's license:  While several of you agreed with me that this WOULD have been a stellar idea, Other Half shot our theory out of the water with a perfect point. Border Collie and Blue Heeler would easily be able to drive the truck if Border Collie steered and Blue Heeler worked the pedals UNTIL they saw a cat and Border Collie drove into a ditch to chase it. Point well taken.


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