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Tuesday, March 02 2010

Any idea what this is?

Look again.

Briar stares at it suspiciously.  She ain't sure what it is either.

Here's a better look.

A couple of months ago, I bought some new sheep. Through a set of unfortunate circumstances, my sheep died before their arrival and so we picked up these girls instead. Two of them have rugs - heavy rugs! The rugs are supposed to fall off this Spring.  I sure hope so. If not, Other Half and I are going to learn to shear sheep.

  At the moment, they're still in isolation. Thus far, they've been pretty easy to handle.  That's a plus. Easy to handle is good.

Today is the first day of my wellness! Except for the fact that I still cough like a tuberculosis patient, I'm much, much better! I actually feel pretty good!  Thank you for all the well wishes, e-hugs, and flu advice!  The dogs are all kinds of excited.  They got to go on a walk in the pasture for the first time in a LONG time!

  Briar goes ZOOM ZOOM!

  Zoom Briar ZOOM!

  Briar goes SPLATT!  (Blue Heelers are like that!)

  Run Briar RUN!

  Briar goes SPLATT!

Blue Heeler and Border Collie think this is a fun game.  It won't be as much fun next year when Briar weighs 85 lbs and they're on the bottom!

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