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Friday, March 12 2010

This is what I want to breed. All my sheep should look like this.

  Easy lambing with lambs that gain weight fast!

This is NOT what I wanted to breed . . .

But through a series of adventures, I ended up with these sheep (and another one!) that didn't exactly fit with the program. I figured that I would get them back in physical condition and then sell them. Less than a week after their arrival, disaster struck.

  "I want my lawyer!"

I was sure they'd die of shock and so I didn't even bother to photograph the carnage. We stitched them up and shot them up with penicillin and banimine daily. I still didn't bother to photograph them because I fully expected them to die of infection. But it has now been over a week since the "alleged attack" and these two hardy ladies are still alive.

  ICKKKK!  Major muscle damage to both right hind legs.  You could actually SEE through to the other side of the leg.

 They are now beginning to put weight on the injured legs. Although they were wormed prior to their arrival, their fecals show that they need to be wormed again, so I'm going to have to risk adding a wormer to the chemical cocktail they are already having to endure. I fear that if I don't worm them, the worms will kill them faster than the infection from their injuries.

Nevertheless, their hardiness has amazed me and even though they don't "look" like the kind of sheep I want to breed, they most definitely possess the genes for survival that I want to pass on. If these ladies live, I certainly may add them to the breeding program. Keep them in your prayers.  They're not out of the woods yet.

Other Half is going out of town next week (taking the Accused Sheep Killer with him!) and has really put the pressure on me when he said, "Please don't let the sheep die while I'm gone."  (How's THAT for pressure?)



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