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Wednesday, March 17 2010

The other day I mentioned to someone that except for the retired animals (several dogs and one old horse), everything on the farm had to earn its keep. The Golden Rule is "If you can't contribute something to the farm, you can't stay!"

She laughed and pointed out my miniature horses. Hmmmm . . . It didn't quite occur to me that they were useless in the eyes of most people. Most people think size matters.  If it's too little to ride, then it's useless.  Not so!

Meet Saint Napolean!  He is worth is weight in gold.

   Summer Napolean!

   Winter Napolean!

 Priceless Napolean!

Napolean was sainted when it became apparent that he possessed a "larger than life" heart for his size.  Napolean is an angel with children. He is solid as a rock with the grandbaby and quite frankly, that makes him more valuable than any other horse we have.  Saint Napolean was in the isolation pen with the new sheep when they were attacked by New Police Dog.  When I found the most seriously injured sheep, Napolean was hiding her in the corner.  He was shielding her with his body.  As we moved her out of the pasture, he fussed and fretted over her the whole way. What a little trooper!

So to the naysayers who believe that a Miniature Horse is a useless luxury on the farm, I cry "FOUL!"  Napolean is worth every bit of the space and food he takes up.

And Ruffy . . .


Well . . . Ruffy is Napolean's best friend. And that's enough.



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