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Thursday, March 18 2010

This poor sheep was unfortunate enough to have ear tag #13.  Don't blame me, I bought her that way. Dear-Friend-Who-Is-Vet's-Wife-And- Who-Is-Helping-Me-Keep-#13-Alive-Until-Other-Half-Comes-Home gave all sheep and goat breeders this advice:

"Ear Tags should be like elevator floors. You should just skip #13!"

  She is one of the sheep that New Police Dog mauled.

So let's re-cap the events in her life over the last month.  I bought her.  She was already very, very thin. The dog mauled her. She has had to endure stitching, stapling, and daily penicillin injections.  THEN . . . the poor thing had a miscarriage!

She is beginning to remind me of the one-eyed, three-legged, neutered dog named "Lucky." 

So we cut off that darned ear tag today!  Her name is "JAMAICA"  ("cuz HomeGirl got dreadlocks!")

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