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Tuesday, May 18 2010

Yesterday I moved the remaining goats into the barn with the sheep.  The sheep have the luxury of a Livestock Guardian Dog. (okay, she's a puppy, not a dog, but she is still the size of a mountain and has a formidable bark) The dog was imprinted on sheep.  Sheep are her family.  Goats, on the other hand, are interesting, unpleasant, distant relatives of sheep.  Briar was willing to extend a family welcome to the goats.  The goats were less than impressed with both the sheep and the dog.

Five goats walked into the palace and announced, "we'll take this stall." The sheep stood in the doorway looking dejected. I wasn't too sympathetic.  The sheep far outnumbered the goats.  There was another stall, and a run, and a paddock.  They had more than enough room. But the goats had claimed THEIR stall! And it didn't stop there.

They look innocent, don't they?!


But goats are evil.

Even the baby goats (2 months old!) stood in the feeders and announced, "This is MINE!  Find your own food!"

Oh dear!  Gypsies in the palace!

 Briar risked a sniff.

 "SCRAM, MUTT!"  (Briar scrammed!)



She walked off to eat a piece of wool and chew on her thoughts.

 Briar ambled into her kennel where she could stare at them from the safety of "behind bars," unless of course, the goats chose to walk through the door and claim her kennel too.

  She eventually settled down and stared at ungrateful goats who expect to live in the sheep palace and take advantage of the sheep's security guard. It clearly puzzled her.

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