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Sunday, May 30 2010

The Enforcer used to be my Cadaver Dog. Like the little boy in Sixth Sense, Kona "sees dead people."  After I quit doing Human Remains searches, he was without an official job. But a dog with his kind of drive to work can never truly be without a job.  He quickly became Odd Job Bob, always looking for things he could do to help out.  One of his best chores is "go find Mommy's keys."  This is a VERY USEFUL SKILL.  In a nutshell, this means go search the pasture for ANYTHING that smells like Mommy and bring it back.  This is handy for retrieving sunglasses, tools, KEYS, and lately . . . flymasks!

  The flies are bad right now.  I was late getting my fly predators out and when I did, Mom's chickens ate them, thus, I'm having to wait until my next shipment arrives to get them out again!  The flies really like Ona and the Minis.  Each morning I put on flymasks.  Each evening there are three flymasks lying in the pasture.  That's where a good dog is handy.

"Go find Mommy's keys!"

 He salutes and heads out to the pasture.

 It doesn't take him long to snag the scent,


  Zero in,

 fetch it up,

  and hit the pond.

Kona is still in kidney failure. We aren't fooling ourselves.  He has already lived longer than the vet projected. I won't keep him on daily IV fluids because he hates it. As long as he's eating and holding it down, we'll just let him be.  He's happy.  The heat is hard on him, but he is determined to go outside and work anyway.  I've been told that with his kidney failure, he can end up having a massive heart attack. He should probably stay inside in the air conditioning, but he wants to keep working.  When I leave him in the house, he screams and rips the molding off the door.  (YES!  He does!  BEAST! Think about those kinds of things when you want a high-drive dog!) So we let him work.  He'll die happy. 

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