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Wednesday, September 29 2010

     Other Half is having an affair. He has another love. And as much as he denies it, he loves her with his whole artery-clogged heart.  She is fried food. Country people just love cooking in grease. Take one look at all the fried exotics at the Texas State Fair, and you'll get an idea.  By exotics, I'm not talking about fried swamp buffalo; I'm talking about Fried Oreos!  Or Fried Twinkies!  Or any damned thing that falls in the grease!

     Now in his defense, he will not eat those exotic fried foods.  He does, however, want his vegetables and most of his meat fried. He wants "Man-food!"  Manfood is meat and potatos . . . and cornbread. If something green lands on his plate, it had better be fried, or an opened can of green beans.  He will eat a salad if it has lots of ranch dresssing on it. For him a salad is in a ready-mix bag with a jug of ranch dressing.  He "might" spruce it up with some radishes, some tomatos, . . . and homemade bacon-bits.

This is what I looked like 5 years ago:

  I hid this picture because I thought I looked fat.  Someone told me once that women should keep old photos because undoubtedly you will look back and say to yourself, "What the heck was I thinking?  I'd be happy to look that way now!"  That was an entire jean size ago! Those were wise words.


  Now I look a bit more like this:

 Okay, my hair is still long, but I've added a few (lot) more pounds! And okay, I can probably squeeze into those old pants again if I try really hard, and don't breathe, but the point is . . .  all this fried food isn't doing ME any favors!

So I am determined to get us eating better!  Sunday I went to the grocery store and spent $218 on good, real food.  While I was there, he phoned to place his order since I was also nixing our eating out EVERY NIGHT when on-duty. Not only is it expensive, it's unhealthy!

This is what he ordered for himself:

(Yes!  It cooks in 90 seconds! And has enough sodium to preserve a hog!)

When I came home, he inspected our new meals . . .

chicken breasts
chicken fajitas

"You know I don't eat chicken unless it's fried!"




"That's for you.  I'm not eating that."


(He will eat those . . . with lots of salt.)

sour cream
low-fat milk  (He hasn't noticed the low-fat label yet!)

and the list goes on . . . .

After spending $218 on food that afternoon. Do you want to know what we did for dinner?

  Whereupon . . .  he ordered a giant chicken-fried steak sandwich, and . . . greedy little pig that I am, I gave up and ordered a chili-cheese burger.  WTF!!??


Posted by: forensicfarmgirl AT 11:00 am   |  Permalink   |  3 Comments  |  Email
You know what, as soon as I buckle down and get really serious about eating less crap, I end up eating things like chili-cheeseburgers. I think thin, tight, perky bodies are wasted on the young. I weighed 110 lbs. when I got married. I thought I was fat. HA!! Geez, what I wouldn't' do to have that body back and keep the smarts I have now. :)
Posted by CeeCee on 09/29/2010 - 07:23 PM
take it one day at a time, girl!
Posted by cindy on 09/30/2010 - 06:30 AM
I actually got him to eat chili-flavored chicken breasts for lunch today! (I agreed to eat Jack in the Box tacos for supper!) Yep, Cindy! One day at a time . . . for him and for me . . . I actually put on tennis shoes and went power walking in the pasture with the dogs this morning!
Posted by forensicfarmgirl on 09/30/2010 - 04:27 PM

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