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Wednesday, October 27 2010

I have a problem.  See it?

I work a full-time job and have two farms. We have cattle at one farm and the other farm has goats and sheep. Both farms have horses. We both spend so much time either at work, or working on the farms (hauling hay, fixing fence, broken pipes, planting rye grass, weaning babies, taking livestock to the sale barn, etc.) that riding for pleasure is actually
the LAST thing I want to do.

I have a $7000 horse that my trainer rides more than I do! Montoya, my Andalusian
cross, is an awesome horse and I've told Other Half that if I NEVER throw a leg
across his back again, I won't ever sell him because he's my baby. I've had him since
he was a weanling.

BUT . . . a dear friend (bless her heart for trying) calls me regularly to go
trail riding. Yet every weekend there is "something" going on that keeps me
from riding. Yesterday (after she called AGAIN for next weekend!) I put some
thought into why a $7000 sweetheart horse was sitting idle in the pasture and I
realized that I've lost the interest in trailriding because it's so much trouble
to load the trailer, haul to wherever we go, ride, then haul back. Minimum time
- most of the day.

I used to be able to saddle up and ride from my house, but now our area has
developed so I can't go many places safely. Now each ride is such a major
production, and I'm already so tired from working everything else, that I just
avoid it totally.

So I told myself that since I have absolutely no intention of selling my horse,
I have to find something to do with him that makes my heart go pitty-pat enough
for me to MAKE time to haul my horse and climb up on his tall-ass self! The
only two things that come to my mind are Team Penning and Cowboy Mounted

Cowboy Mounted Shooting will have to wait because I can't afford the gear right
now, but I'm seriously considering playing at Team Penning. (Just for fun,
nothing serious!) We have cattle.  We have a roping arena.  Team penning would be something we could do together that doesn't cost any money and we can train for it a couple of hours once or twice a week.

Riding for me is fun, but now I'm pulled in so many different directions that
instead of seeing it as relaxing, I see it as one more chore to make time to do.
I'd like to get more passionate about it, without being so serious that it
becomes work.

Anyway, is anyone else like me, too busy and too tired to ride?

 Who would not wanna ride this horse?

He is as smooth as warm butter underneath you!  (Andalusian/Paso Fino cross)

Posted by: forensicfarmgirl AT 11:57 pm   |  Permalink   |  5 Comments  |  Email
Girl, every time I read your blog I have a headache afterwards from nodding vigorously! I deal with live bodies at work, not dead ones, but I've got 14 (14!) equine pasture ornaments strolling around waiting for me to quit messing with dogs, sheep, poultry, gardens, fences, manure piles, compost heaps, etc. and DO something with them. I'm a member of a local trail riding club... last did a trail ride oh, a year and a half ago maybe? I've got the cutest fat red QH that needs some exercise and a spotted donkey half-trained to pull the cart sitting under my hay shed. When I was young I did hunter-jumper and fox hunted. Such glorious fun! I want to do it again! But when?
Posted by Sharon Martin-Holm on 10/28/2010 - 11:48 AM
Oh btw, there's a Jeanne Joy Hartnagle stock dog clinic in Brenham the weekend of Nov. 6. Pup and I are going, just to audit though. I'm excited... I know -nothing- about real working stock dogs. I still need to learn which directions come-bye and that other one mean :)
Posted by Sharon Martin-Holm on 10/28/2010 - 11:51 AM
A girlfriend and I were just talking about this at lunch. We, neither one, still own horses. We both struggled constantly with "time for riding". It's not something that can be done in an hour or two. We used to trailer out and just like you said---half the day gone. I don't think the horses care one bit if they never get ridden. In fact, my horse preferred it. PS..Montoya is gorgeous!
Posted by CeeCee on 10/28/2010 - 02:55 PM
You are working way too hard girl. You have TWO farms?? A full time job, plus your cats, plus your dogs, plus your poultry, plus your garden, plus plus plus. Okay here's an idea, get rid of the goats and sheep. We used to run 198 head of ewes - they were five times the work the cows are. Take that time & RIDE. Too much work to load and trailer? NEVER! We are planning on hauling 700 miles one way to a six day trail ride in Arizona in 2011. Plus weekend and as many full weeks as we can get riding on our mountain this summer. Your horse is gorgeous - RIDE HIM. When I'm riding, the rest of the world is gone, all my problems, all my cares, I just RIDE.
Posted by Merideth In Wyoming on 10/28/2010 - 09:24 PM
Hahahaha! You're probably right! Other Half is trying really hard to get me to sell the sheep and goats and get feeder calves to work with so I can train and trial Lily. I'm mulling it over. We'll see.
Posted by forensicfarmgirl on 10/30/2010 - 12:43 PM

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