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Monday, March 07 2011

Lily started her herding lessons again.  Hopefully our court schedule and the weather will cooperate this time and we'll be able to keep them up.  Our lessons are two hours away on the opposite side of The Big City.  This means we must rise at 5:30 AM to beat the traffic through town.  Eegaads! That alarm went off early this morning.  (The beauty of working evening shift is a life without alarm clocks.)

 Lily was ready. Lily is always ready.  I should have named her Ready, because she is, always . . .  ready.  

Trace began his first official lessons with the Sheep Goddess today.

 And he went swimming in the stock tank. He knows all about swimming in a stock tank. In fact, he took a dip before he even got to work.  An empty stock tank is an open invitation, so he climbed right in like a little seal.  This is cute at my house.  This is not cute when I have to drive home 2 hours with a wet dog.

But mostly, he spent time on the fence . . . again . . .

 . . .  on the fence, watching other dogs play.

And then . . . he got the call . . .

  "mE?!!  whO mE?!!"


"Yes, it's your turn!"


And he played. And I didn't get any pictures because I was walking with the Sheep Goddess.  He did a fine job and will continue to have one run after Lily's lessons until he grows up. One run a week is probably as much as his little kindergarten brain can handle.

And now . . . over 8 hours later, we have returned home and I'm exhausted.


I have to finish putting hotwire on the lamb paddock, unload feed, get gas for the mower, and jump-start the mower since it hasn't run all winter. AND entertain 4 dogs that have been penned all day.  Or maybe, just maybe . . . I could take a nap.



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