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Friday, April 01 2011

Look at this heifer. 

She looks innocent enough, doesn't she?  Look again.

See!  There it is!  She's plotting!

Daisy Mae has GOT TO GO!  (at least that's what I informed Other Half this morning when I called him in a rage) She is a cow. Cows belong with other cows, behind the fence, chewing their cuds. Daisy Mae didn't get that memo. 

She is a registered Santa Gertrudis heifer. We plan to breed her to another registered Santa Gertrudis.  Unfortunately our bull is an Angus.  (you see the problem)

Thus we moved Daisy Mae to the Sheep Farm so she didn't get bred to an Angus. Unfortunately she has proceeded to walk through fences like a red bulldozer. (no barbed wire)  Chain link fencing is NOTHING to a red bulldozer in heat. 

As if that wasn't a big enough sin, this week Daisy Mae escalated her criminal activities.  She is now bullying the stallion out of his food.  YES!!!  (my stallion is a weenie . . . )

 Sexy Senior Citizen

This is how meal time runs now:

Walk to barn as sheep scream in stereo from both sides of the path. Enter feed room. Lock dogs in feed room. Scoop up sheep food.  Spread sheep food among various feeders.  Note that Blue Heeler has escaped from feed room.  Wonder (???)Feed weaned lambs. Feed rams.  Go back to feed room. Scoop horse food. Lock Blue Heeler back in feed room with everyone else. 

Shovel feed to stallion.  Move to next stall and shovel feed to gelding. Head to cows with hay. Note large red cow has moved stallion out of his stall.  Stallion moves in with Gelding. Gelding runs out and moves Red Cow out.  Red Cow barrels toward Stallion.  Stallion exits stall and runs toward stall with Gelding.  Gelding leaves stall and evicts Red Cow.  Red Cow just moves stallion out of his feed again.  

Enraged Human phones Spouse to scream into his answering machine. Spouse wisely decides to allow her some time before he returns call. Note that Blue Heeler has escaped from feed room again.  (???)

It is time for Daisy Mae to return to her breeder so when she comes home she can go back out with THE COWS!


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never underestimate the power and persistence of those hormones! in both biped and quadrupeds!
Posted by clairesmum on 04/01/2011 - 08:06 PM
Wow!!!!!!!!!!You need to hire that gelding to keep red cow in her place. Put her in Stallion stall, feed both horsessssssss in gelding stall. I knew what was going to happen when I started reading tonight. Try 50 sheeps/lambs and gelding that doesn't like sheep, pretty much same story. Tell OH that I really like that SG, would make a nice cross on a BA. HO HO Ho
Posted by Libby on 04/02/2011 - 01:07 AM
Today the goofy SG was waiting by the bucket in the empty stall. I tossed some grain in there just to get her out of the way. Unfortunately cancer finally got the best of Sultan and we had to put him down today so the cow's newfound hobby won't be an issue any more. :(
Posted by forensicfarmgirl on 04/02/2011 - 04:22 PM

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