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Monday, May 09 2011

We hauled hay on Sunday.

 We unloaded hay on Monday.

Border Collie #1 supervises all activities,

waiting to be of some help.

After all, it's simply a matter of time before we need her. She knows this, so she waits . . . waiting to help.

And wonder of wonders, her patience is always rewarded.

This afternoon when unloading hay, we uncovered a nest of barn mice. Mice ran everywhere at the same time, up the wall, under pallets, across the floor, etc. Two adult police officers/special agents who carry guns, chase drug dealers, stand over dead men, and generally enforce city,state, & federal laws, screamed, danced, hollered, and pointed at small field mice scattering across the barn floor. (it was shameful!)

But someone else knew just what to do . . .

A pounce, a snap, and a rodent was flipped across the barn aisle 

. . . dead.

Senior Special Agent Lily Langford has everything under control.

The suspect/victim (depends upon your viewpoint)

"Just one of the many services provided by Barbed Wire Border Collies Inc.

We thank you for your business!"


Posted by: forensicfarmgirl AT 10:02 pm   |  Permalink   |  6 Comments  |  Email
Still laughing at the mental picture of you and Other Half doing the "mice dance"! So glad Lily was able to come to your rescue!!!!!!
Posted by Janie on 05/10/2011 - 08:21 PM
When the new propane driver came to fill our tank, I told him there was a mouse nest under the cover, and he was to LEAVE IT ALONE. It wasn't in the way, and Minerva wasn't hurting anything. He was shocked......LOL..... Hey, Minerva and her clan keep wasps from building nests in there. Men. When I screamed for my husband to bring a weapon, because we had a juvenile RAT in the kitchen......he brought me a bathroom plunger.
Posted by Diane I. on 05/11/2011 - 01:12 PM
In defense of your husband...he was probably worried about ricochets..... :-)
Posted by Eric on 05/11/2011 - 03:46 PM
Oh Eric! You are SOOOO right! If I'd had a gun on me, things could have gotten ugly! When working on the tactical team, while searching for a suspect, I almost shot a rat in a tree over my head. "Thou shalt not frighten a woman holding a gun!" Drugdealers I can do. Rats I cannot do!
Posted by forensicfarmgirl on 05/13/2011 - 06:12 PM
Diane, if I screamed for a weapon, my husband would have brought me a gun, and the refrigerator would have been swiss cheese!
Posted by forensicfarmgirl on 05/13/2011 - 06:14 PM
I just showed this to my 93 year old mom. She said she "about messed herself" when a rattlesnake started buzzing from under the 'fridge while she was retrieving the milk.
Posted by Eric on 05/15/2011 - 02:22 PM

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