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Wednesday, May 11 2011

The greatest thing about hosting this website is the fantastic group of people I meet through it. We are like an extended family, and today, the family started sharing critters.

 Meet longtime reader, Sue!

 . . . and Emma June!

Emma reminds me so much of my Border Collie #1, Lily! Look! (Above) They could be littermates!  I was so happy that she brought Emma! (She also brought the most adorable red & white Border Collie puppy that if I had played with any longer, I'd have arm-wrestled Sue for her!  (Yeah, like anyone would be able to wrench a puppy like THAT away from her!)

Sue also brought her daughter, Gretta.  (I wanted to keep her too!)  My goat is getting ready to give birth and I'll have to learn how to start milking goats soon.  Gretta is a pro at this!  She has Alpines. The more she talked about goats, the more I wished she lived next door.  (I forsee me calling her in a panic before I get the goat milking routine down pat.)

Clover tells Gretta a secret.

She knows a Goat Person when she sees one!

Sue and Gretta drove HOURS to get some dog-broke lambs.  I had planned on keeping this group of wethers.


  Ricearoni & Macaroni

 Ken of the Malibu Twins

(His sister, Malibu Barbie The Blond, went to live with Dear Friend's flock!)

But because of the drought, we decided to cut down the numbers of both cattle and sheep.  That meant I had to sell the lambs I'd set aside for dog-training. Unfortunately because I thought I'd be keeping this group, I allowed myself to get attached to them, thus, the idea of them getting butchered with the rest of the lambs, was a bit of a problem.  (I'm a softie.)

Sue needed some new sheep.  It was a match made in Heaven. (or Texas! Well, same thing!) So Sue and Gretta trucked across Texas today to pick up the boys.

 With a bucket of feed (and the threat of Border Collies) and they loaded into the trailer.

It was great to finally meet Sue and Emma in person.  I feel like I knew them already! It was kind of funny to see that they already knew my dogs and called them by name. 

While I tried to keep Briar from climbing in the truck with them, the dog kept saying,

"But Mom!  These people KNOW me!  And I'm dry! I'm not wet today! Surely they want a large dirty white dog in their faces! Come'on, Mom!  Quit being such a drag!"

(This is why they make dog kennels.)



Posted by: forensicfarmgirl AT 07:56 pm   |  Permalink   |  1 Comment  |  Email
Oh my goodness what great dog pictures! Emma really wants out to get those sheep! Briar was so great--I'd love to have a livestock guardian in the distant future. Don't hesitate to contact me about any milking questions you may have. We just started the routine again and are getting nearly a quart a day with once daily milking while leaving the kids on her (most of the time). Delish!
Posted by Gretta on 05/18/2011 - 07:43 PM

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