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Monday, July 25 2011

Eegaads!  Moving sucks!  Building fence in July sucks! Yard sales suck!

But . . . this is all an exercise in logistics:

We need to sell House #1 to buy Ranch #3.

We cannot sell House #1 until the Realtor puts it on market.

We must move everything and DOGS to House #2 before Realtor shows House #1.

We must build fence around front and back yard of House #2 BEFORE we bring dogs over.

And we must do ALL this BEFORE someone else snaps up Ranch #3!!!


And THAT is why I milked the goat this morning and left the barn and forgot the poor dairy goat locked on her milking stand.  An hour later I heard a familiar metallic banging from inside the house and found the poor thing with her head still locked in the bars.  She has forgiven me. I haven't forgiven myself . . .

"Oh Human! Get with the program!"


Posted by: forensicfarmgirl AT 09:00 am   |  Permalink   |  2 Comments  |  Email
I left a clucky banty hen in the cooler [pen on cold ground] for several days before I realised she had been there too long. I still have nightmares over that. She was fine and over her broodiness, By the way are you keeping the beautiful son of milk goat? Best of luck with schedule.
Posted by Liz on 07/25/2011 - 11:17 PM
Poor chicken! My poor goat happily climbed up on the milking stand the next day. I gotta give her credit. She is very forgiving!
Posted by forensicfarmgirl on 07/26/2011 - 05:48 PM

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