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Friday, July 06 2012


With the recent rains, much to the delight of children everywhere, there was no fireworks ban this year on Independence Day. In our household, that was met with mixed reviews because although we don't participate in the fireworks festivities, we are close to many who do.

And with 8 dogs, it's a given there will be a difference of opinion regarding fireworks.

Ice - "Make the shelling stop! We're all gonna die!"

Cowboy - "We're under attack! Save the women and children and Border Collies first! In reverse order!"


Trace - "I'll be under the house until the shelling stops."

Ranger - "I'll save you! I'll save you all!"


Dillon - "GUNFIRE! Oh boy! Where's my dummy?!!"

Oli - "You people don't know what gunfire is. Back when I was in Czechoslovakia . . . "


Briar - "OOOOhhhh. . . . look at tha colors!"


The reactions are varied, but none is more amusing than Lily, the Fireworks Fiend.

Lily is noise-stimulated, meaning, when she hears a strange sound, she starts barking like a maniac. Since Other Half's hearing is leaving quickly, Lily makes an excellent hearing-ear dog for high-pitched sounds like fire alarms, alarm clocks, and the ding on the microwave.

Now Lily has HEARD fireworks all her life, but this year was the first time she actually SAW fireworks. Her reaction was hysterical. I truly wish I could have filmed it for you.

The night went like this . . .

Ran out of frappuccinos. Yes, I'm drinking again. Does this surprise you? Care to take a guess on how many frapps I drank during that whole Ferngully drama? I'm just askin'.

Decided that I MUST go to grocery store since another sun cannot rise without a frappuccino. Loaded up Lily and Trace in the truck. Lily is always my co-pilot; whoever else gets to go is up to my mood and their behavior, but Her Majesty always gets to go. Tonight, Trace was the Chosen One.

So we headed to Kroger's because they have frapps and a particular salsa I had fallen in love with, (Hazelwood's Smokey Sweet!) The local community college was having a fireworks display. What I didn't count on was that the display was right across the street from Kroger's. Everyone and his cousin was sitting in a lawnchair at Kroger's.  (groan)

I left the dogs in the air conditioning of the truck with a friend while I shopped.  They'd be safe, and we'd be outta here before the show began. What I didn't count on was that everyone sitting in the parking lot had sent a representative inside Kroger's for snacks. (Good night for Kroger's)

By the time I got back to the truck the show was well under way.  I heard the barking before I found my truck. Lily, her eyes bright with wonder, was barking like a madwoman with each explosion. Trace was hiding in the back seat.

The cutest thing was that Lily would watch the fireworks soar up into the air, and track the path in anticipation. Then as it burst, she would wag her tail and bark.  As I slow-rolled out of the parking lot, Trace climbed into my lap. Lily settled her happy ass in the front passenger's seat and stared out the window like a child seeing fireworks for the first time. Her little mouth would even make a little "o" as she watched them shoot into the air.  Lily had found another passion. She was a Pyrotechnic Puppy!

Posted by: forensicfarmgirl AT 11:24 am   |  Permalink   |  4 Comments  |  Email
That Lily never fails to amaze! What a dog! My Terri is like Ice or Cowboy. || I read the ending to your tree battles with great relief. I just hope that is the end and they don't have some excuse to return. If they discover oil beneath you, I guess you don't get to settle in Beverly Hills with the riches -- too bad :-(
Posted by Terri's Pal on 07/06/2012 - 01:01 PM
My dogs love the fireworks displays!!! They too watch the path of the display and love the big booms. Since I live in Colorado there were no fireworks this year except one idiot who set some off near our condos and was promptly set upon by the whole neighborhood who do not want to see their homes disappear in flames. We are now getting some light rains and are hoping the fully monsoons are not far behind. Then, the city promises us, delalyed fireworks!!!
Posted by Susan on 07/06/2012 - 03:23 PM
My now deceased Labrador/Rott cross, Grace Kelly, loved fireworks. Kelly loved them so much we had to keep a firm hand on her every time they went off. She would try to catch the fireworks. If my son set off sparklers, Kelly had to be penned in the house because she would try to catch them too. More than once Kelly would burn her nose or feet trying to catch bottle rockets and sparklers. She never did learn. That last summer, when she was so crippled by arthritis, the old girl still tried to catch her fire works that were being set off 1/2 a mile from our house, tottering down the driveway towards the road when my son found her and brought her home.
Posted by Pam on 07/06/2012 - 04:52 PM
Claire is NOT a fireworks lover - but the hearing loss of advancing age is a kindness for her, she misses many of the booms. I LOVE fireworks, I'm with Lily and Brier - pretty colors, big booms! Our community has a display every other year, on a barge off the beach - so not much worry about setting off fires.
Posted by clairesmum on 07/08/2012 - 11:32 AM

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