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Saturday, June 02 2012


Saturday officially starts at midnight on Friday.  Go to bed shortly after midnight. Sometime around 1 AM, Other Half phones to say he has completed doing charges at the jail and is now doing report. Reminds me that we are sorting calves and taking them to the sale barn as soon as he gets home. Joy, joy, thrill, thrill.



Am awakened at 6 AM by Other Half who bounces into the bedroom like a squirrel on crack and kisses Dillon (but not me!) How does the DOG rate a morning kiss and I just receive a "Get up! It's time to work cows!"

"Mom, don't hate me because I'm beautiful."

I inform Dillon that he is a Bird Dog, not a Cow Dog and thus will not be attending today's adventure. His feelings are hurt. The D-Man is a sensitive soul.

Pull on jeans and boots. Shuffle into kitchen. The sun is barely up and it's foggy.  While Other Half goes to barn to feed livestock, I rake and sweep shavings out of cattle trailer which also doubles as a dog kennel. Don't laugh! It makes the perfect kennel - covered & confined. What more do you need?

Put dogs in kennels. Let Lily come along but assure her that she isn't needed since we are working cow/calf pairs in tight quarters. Dangerous for little Ninja Dogs. Tell her to sit in the truck. She is disappointed but does as she's told.

 "B-b-but what if you need me?"


Assure Ranger that if a cow dog is needed, he will be the Head-Man-In-Charge. Since he is fast, tough, and already believes the world is trying to kill him, an enraged momma cow is less likely to stomp him in the ground.

  "Piss on Bad Cows!"  

Cows and calves have been locked all night in roping arena. They are hungry (they are always hungry) and happy to see us.

 Note steer with horns on the right.

That's Willie. Remember Willie?  Scrawny roping steer that has managed to avoid a trip to the sale barn for the last year and a half. Despite the fact that we've taken at least 3 other groups of cows, Willie has managed to slide/slither/squeak through attempts to get him in the sale barn group.

Truth be told, Other Half wasn't even trying. He is fond of Willie and hates to see him go. I'm not a big fan of horns. I am even less a fan of horns that eat and do no work. Son and I outvoted Other Half, and Willie was slated for this journey to the sale barn.

With very little trouble, (Okay, there was 'some' trouble and we almost called in a dog)


. . . we got the calves (and Willie) sorted and loaded onto the trailer by 8 AM.  I lobbied hard to sell Paisley too, but Other Half pointed out that she had managed to raise (i.e. not kill by neglect. Read: When It Rains, It Pours) her calf and should thus be given another chance. By 8:25 AM we were off to the sale barn. 


 Willie in the chute at the sale barn.


Dear Friend Helen who takes care of the stock when we go to the ranch in North Texas was sorry to see us sell the calves and Willie. She had gotten attached to them. She texted me to tell me that she thought she was now  Buddhist and wanted to make pets of my cows. I reminded her that she eats Taco Bell and Whataburger.  Other Half told her that she would see Willie again in her next taco. She was not amused. He is mean like that sometimes.

I reminded her, and myself, that as long as we eat beef and wear leather, we must raise cattle. These cows have been humanely raised and enjoyed a happy life.


With the cattle dropped off, we headed back home. Other Half went to bed, and I got ready to go to my 'other job,' the one with a paycheck from a government agency and not a sale barn.

And that's the anatomy of a Saturday!



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Some have pretty black faces (you know I'm partial to black faces since I have a Terv). Are they a particular breed or just a variation in coloring?
Posted by Terri's Pal on 06/03/2012 - 05:11 PM

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